10-Year-Old Girl Left With Severe Burns On Nearly Half Of Her Body After Being Injured In A Freak Accident At A Family Party

Phoenix, Arizona. 10-year-old Isla Cook is currently in a burn unit hospital in Phoenix after she was injured in a freak accident at a family party.

While at the recent family gathering, a propane tank started leaking and caught on fire.

The tank exploded, and then the flames reached 10 feet into the air.

Isla was the one who sadly took most of the hit in the backyard accident, and she currently has severe 2nd and 3rd-degree burns on 45% of her body. She also has 1st-degree burns on other parts of her body.

“As they clean and re-bandage her burns, over and over again, they continue to get a clearer picture of her condition,” a GoFundMe page created to help fund Isla’s recovery reads.

“It won’t be until her surgery that they know how long her recovery will take. During this surgery, they will need to do skin grafts.”

Assuming everything goes as well as possible, Isla could be looking at moving to a children’s hospital in approximately one month.

If everything doesn’t go well, Isla could need to get multiple skin grafts using cadaver skin, and she might be facing a long ten months in the burn unit.

Instagram; Isla is pictured above

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