Mom Arrested After She Went To School Pretending To Be Her Teen Daughter

El Paso, Texas. 30-year-old Casey Garcia is a mom to a 13-year-old girl named Julie who goes to San Elizario Independent School District.

Casey’s daughter is in middle school, 7th grade to be exact, and four days ago Casey decided she was going to go to her daughter’s school…

….Pretending to be her teen daughter.

In a video she shared on YouTube, Casey filmed herself getting all ready dying her hair darker and using self-tanner to look more like her daughter.

She then filmed herself walking up to her daughter’s school.

“Do I look like a 7th grader? No? Cool. Awesome,” she said as she adjusted her hoodie down over her face more. She then walked into the school and through the halls.

You can hear faculty members greeting her and saying good morning in her video. They clearly had no idea that Casey is 30 and not a 7th grader.

YouTube; pictured above is Casey in the cafeteria

Casey kept filming, and someone complimented her backpack before she got lost on her way to the first class.

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