Mom Killed Along With Her 4 Kids After They Got Hit Head-On By Someone Going The Wrong Way

Lexington, Kentucky. 30-year-old Catherine Greene was married to her husband Jon and together they shared 4 children.

Jon had 2 daughters from a previous marriage; 11-year-old Santanna and 9-year-old Karmen. After Catherine and Jon got married, they had 2 sons together; 5-year-old Brayden and 2-year-old Jack.

Although Catherine was technically a stepmom to Santanna and Karmen, she loved the girls like they were her own and never treated them differently from her sons.

On June 5th, Catherine had all 4 kids in the car with her when she was driving down Interstate 75, a highway that runs through 6 separate states.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Catherine with her 4 children

That day, someone had called 911 to report that a person was driving down the highway Catherine and the children were on, and this person was going the wrong way.

Officers with the Lexington Police Department tried to find the person…

…But before they could, the wrong-way driver hit Catherine and the kids head-on as the family passed by mile marker 104 in Lexington.

At around 12:23 that afternoon, officers with the Lexington Police Department rushed to the scene of the accident.

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