Police Officer Passes Away Trying To Rescue A Drowning Teen

Worcester, Massachusetts. Two days ago in Green Hill Park, several people began calling 911 to report that someone was drowning in the park’s pond at around 1:35 that Friday afternoon.

Members from the Worcester Fire Department and Officers from the Worcester Police Department rushed to the park to help.

“Upon arrival, officers observed several people in the water. Officers saw a male toward the center of the body of water reaching an arm up and struggling,” the Worcester Police Department said in a statement.

“Five officers entered the water in an attempt to locate and rescue the victim and to secure the other individuals who were also in the water.”

“During this rescue attempt, two individuals were brought to shore. At this time, officers on scene were notified that one officer was missing. There were now two victims.”

Facebook; pictured above is 38-year-old Enmanuel Familia, the officer that was missing at the pond

At 2:28 that afternoon, divers found 38-year-old Enmanuel Familia in the pond; the officer who had tried to rescue the drowning teen.

Although Officer Familia was brought to shore and EMS started working on him, he later passed away after being taken to a nearby hospital.

Around an hour after the divers had located Officer Familia, they found the 14-year-old boy he had been trying to save from the pond.

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