She Lost Her Fiancé To A Drunk Driver 3 Weeks Before Their Wedding And Now Her Community Is Trying To Raise Enough Money To Help Her Keep Their Farm

Aberdeen, South Dakota. Jasmine Schinkel is a young woman living in Aberdeen who was engaged to her fiancé, Casey Kulm.

The couple got engaged on November 17th of 2019, and Casey asked Jasmine for her hand in marriage in a sweet way.

He hung a sign on the barn of the farm they were building together that said, “Jasmine, will you marry me? And build this farm together forever?”

Jasmine and Casey got cows and chickens, and they made a business selling meat and eggs. Aside from that, Casey also worked as a firefighter at Groton Fire and Rescue.

Jasmine and Casey were set to tie the knot on June 26th in an intimate ceremony, and they were in the process of completing construction on their dream home when 2 days ago tragedy struck.

Facebook; pictured above are Jasmine and Casey

“This fundraiser is for Jasmine Schinkel who lost her fiancè 3 weeks before their wedding day, due to a suspected drunk driver hitting Casey on his motorcycle and fleeing the scene,” Casey’s friend Jorge wrote on a GoFundMe page.

“One of her biggest fears is losing the home Casey and Jasmine have been building together,” Jorge continued.

“The house is almost completed, but the financing was based off of Casey’s income. I felt this was the least I could try to do to help finish the house and make sure she can keep the HOME they dreamed of together.”

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