She Was Hiking With Her Husband When A Branch Fell On Top Of Her And Killed Her

“Kara didn’t make it through the experience and Jared is paralyzed. Kara is a wife to her fantastic husband and a mother to 2 beautiful boys.”

“Kara also was a great baker owning a little bake shop that specialized in nut free cakes. Kara’s boys are going to need a lot of love, care, and support without their wonderful mother there by their side anymore.”

GoFundMe; pictured above are Kara, Jared, and their children

“And her husband who will be dealing with the loss of his wife but part of his body too. He is going to need to revamp his whole life missing his other piece.”

“In lieu of flowers and etc., any donation is welcome to help Kara’s boys revamp their lives.”

“Jared and Kara were both the epitome of what it means to be a genuinely good person and always offered to help anyone with anything they could. It is time for us to pull together and help them out.”

Upper St. Clair authorities confirmed in a press release that Kara passed away after being hit by the falling tree branch.

If you would like to donate to help support Jared and the boys, you can do that here.

Upper St. Clair; pictured above is a press release regarding Kara’s accident

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