Someone Paid Close To $100k For This Chicken Nugget Shaped Like A Character From An Online Game

That person then took to eBay to try to sell the interestingly shaped nugget.

The seller of the chicken nugget appropriately titled the listing “McDonald’s Among Us shaped Nugget from BTS Meal.”

“This food product has an average expiration of about 14 days and will be delivered prior to expiration,” they explained in the description box.

The nugget was neatly packaged inside of a plastic zip-top bag, and the seller pointed out that it was going to be frozen prior to shipping it via USPS First Class.

Obviously, this listing went viral, and a comment was made that the nugget should come with a side of Szechuan Sauce (which McDonald’s discontinued back in 2018).

The seller then included a photo of Szechuan Sauce and said that they would be happy to include some if the buyer wanted.

In the end, after 184 bids, the iconic nugget sold for $99,997.00. Oh, wait, plus shipping.

You can view the link to the listing on eBay here.

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