Two People Charged After Going To A Waterpark And Leaving Their Baby Monkeys In A Hot Car Where One Died

Sevierville, Tennessee. At 4:30 in the afternoon on June 23rd, the management team at the Soaky Mountain Waterpark called police about a dead monkey inside of a car at the park.

Officers with the Sevierville Police Department arrived on the scene and sadly discovered a 9-week-old marmoset monkey that had passed away in the car.

They found a second monkey inside of the car too, and this one was only 5-weeks-old. The younger monkey was still alive but clearly in distress due to the intense heat.

The younger monkey was rushed to Appalachian Animal Hospital, and thankfully is currently recovering from severe dehydration.; pictured above is Kiki, the baby marmoset who passed away in the car

Authorities noted that although it was 87 degrees outside in the parking lot of the waterpark, the temperature inside of the car that the monkeys were in was much hotter than that.

Citing the ASPCA, the Sevierville Police Department pointed out that temperatures inside of a car during the summer can quickly go from 85 to 120 degrees in just 30 minutes.

54-year old Nova Brettell and 54-year old David Paul Brettell, the owner of both monkeys, were arrested.

Reportedly, the pair paid upwards of $4,000 for each of their monkeys.

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