8 Years After He Forced Himself On Her In Her Dorm Room, She Got Him To Admit What He Did To Her Over Facebook Messenger And Now He’s Finally Being Charged

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It was 10 days before Christmas in 2013 when college student Shannon Keeler reported her sexual assault to the Gettysburg Police Department.

Shannon attended Gettysburg College, and after finals came to an end that semester, she went to a party with some fellow classmates to celebrate.

When Shannon got to the party, there was a guy there named Ian Thomas Cleary.

He was giving Shannon creepy vibes, so when it came time for Shannon to leave, she asked one of her friends to go with her.

As Shannon and her friend were walking back to the dorms, the girls realized Ian was walking behind them.

The girls finally made it to the dorms and were going up the stairs when Ian called out to Shannon’s friend that he would pay her $20 if she left Shannon all alone with him.

At that point, Shannon’s friend made it clear to Ian that he needed to leave them alone, and Ian listened to her.

The girls continued on their way, finally making it to Shannon’s dorm room safely at around 2:45 in the morning.

Just ten minutes after Shannon’s friend had left her room, Shannon heard someone knocking on her dorm room door.

Shannon didn’t think to peer through the peephole to see who was out there, as she thought it was one of her friends.

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