A 10-Year-Old’s Friends Asked If She Could Come Play Next Door Then She Came Home Covered In Blood, Bleach, And Bruises

Elizabethton, Tennessee. It was Monday, July 19th, when 10-year-old Callie’s friends knocked on the front door of her apartment to ask if she could come next door to play with them.

Callie’s mom Brittany had no problem letting Callie go play with her neighbors since she had spent the past few months regularly playing with them.

Callie left home at 7:30 that morning, but when she returned that afternoon at 12:27, Brittany couldn’t believe what she was looking at.

Callie was covered in blood, bleach, and bruises.; pictured above is Callie

Callie had been beaten by the same teen girls that had been friends with her for months. These girls beat Callie for hours.

The girls hit her with their fists and with other objects. Callie had marks from what these girls did to her all over her body, including on her face.

Callie had bleach sprayed on her and was kept hostage that day in their pantry. She was also dragged around between rooms in addition to the beatings.

At one point, the girls insulted Callie for bleeding from the beatings she had sustained, and she was forced to clean her blood up afterward.

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