Bloodhound Saves 6-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped Back In May

DeKalb County, Tennessee. 6-year-old Kinzleigh Reeder was taken away from her father after she was discovered under a bridge one wet, frigid night.

It was the evening of March 18th, and she was in danger from the rapidly rising water from a nearby creek.

Kinzleigh’s father, Nicholas Reeder, had apparently driven his car right off the road and into the creek, with Kinzleigh inside.

They then became trapped in the flooding of the creek.

“Reeder was later charged with child abuse and neglect and Kinzleigh was placed into the temporary custody of a family member by the Department of Children’s Services,” the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

“After Reeder’s release from jail, DCS gave Reeder approval to live in the same home where Kenzleigh was staying.”

However, a court order was signed on June 16th saying that Kinzleigh was now in the custody of the Department of Children Services.

When the Department of Children Services tried to pick Kinzleigh up, they couldn’t find her anywhere.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation; pictured above is Kinzleigh

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