Check Out This Freaky Acid-Squirting Spider Scorpion That Was Spotted In Texas

Big Bend National Park, Texas. Big Bend National Park is well known for its beautiful views, and endless hiking trails.

One thing the park has that I bet you didn’t know about are these freaking, giant, acid-squirting spiders called vinegaroons.

“Summer rains bring vinegaroons out of their burrows in search of food and love,” Big Bend National Park wrote in a Facebook post.

“Vinegaroons are about 3 inches long and relatively benign unless you happen to annoy them. They can pinch with their heavy mouthparts (pedipalps) and shoot a well-aimed spray of 85% acetic acid (vinegar) from the base of their “whip” to protect themselves.”

“Vinegaroons are nocturnal and can’t see very well. They hunt millipedes, scorpions, crickets, cockroaches, and other invertebrates by sensing vibrations with their long, thin front legs.”

“Most commonly seen in the desert, this vinegaroon was taking a stroll around the Chisos Basin campground.”

“If you’re lucky enough to see one, look closely. If it’s a female, she may be carrying her hatchlings on her back.”

I know they look like lobsters or scorpions, but they’re actually part of the spider family. They have 8 sets of eyes (and 8 sets of legs), and they don’t see all that well at all.

Big Bend National Park; pictured above is a vinegaroon

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