Clare Crawley From The Bachelor Opens Up About Getting Her Breast Implants Removed Due To Health Issues

Sacramento, California. Clare Crawley is everyone’s favorite runner-up from season 18 of The Bachelor. Clare also went on to star in season 16 of The Bachelorette.

One of the things we all love Clare for is her refreshing dose of honesty, and she recently opened up on Instagram about getting her breast implants removed due to health issues.

“The truth is, I’ve been going through things…medically with my body that I have not had answers to,” Clare explained in her Instagram video that she shared, after addressing the fact that she hasn’t been active on social media lately.

She said this has all been going on now for several years before admitting it has been frustrating, scary, and hard for her to not have had any answers for this long.

Clare has undergone a multitude of tests and has had a few doctors tell her they weren’t sure what was going on with her.

Instagram; pictured above is Clare in her video

“Ultimately, my skin has been having like really bad hives and rash all down my stomach, on my neck, on the sides of my neck, on my arms, and my whole body is just inflamed and itchy,” Clare continued in her video.

“The worst part usually gets around my eyes. I’ve had blood test after blood test and medication after medication and antibiotic after antihistamine after Benadryl…I mean, just everything in the book.

“And that is not my only symptom, but that was the most physical one.” Clare also mentioned that the hives and rashes have been coming and then going.

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