Her Sister-In-Law Stole Gifts From Her Baby Shower And Now She’s Telling The Internet Her Husband’s Family Is Upset With Her For How She Handled It

A 29-year-old woman is currently expecting a baby with her 32-year-old husband. Now, her husband’s family is very wealthy, while hers is quite poor.

“I’m not ashamed to say it and have a great family I wouldn’t replace for all the money in the world,” she explained.

“My in-laws are great too. They treat me good save for my BIL ~ Austin who likes to point out how beneath his levels I am although his wife comes from a poor family too and they are also expecting.”

So, her sister threw her a baby shower recently and while it wasn’t fancy by any means, it was lovely and she had a great time.

Her sister-in-law came to her baby shower, and she didn’t bring a gift or anything. The entire time her sister-in-law was picking her party apart and boasting about how over the top hers was going to be.

She even had the nerve to ask her sister how much she had spent on the party, then she “joked” that the dress she was wearing was more expensive than the party.

Her sister-in-law was being entitled, conceited, and completely nasty to not only her side of the family, but to all of her friends as well.

Weirdly enough, not one single person in her husband’s family tried to reign in her behavior.

At some point during the party, her sister took the presents for her and placed them in a separate room.

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