Her Sister Is Having A Baby With Her Ex And She’s Telling The Internet Her Mom Expects Her To Plan The Baby Shower

A 26-year-old woman is not that excited about her sister Sophia being pregnant, and it’s not because she dislikes children.

In fact, she’s telling the internet she has a perfectly good reason for her lack of enthusiasm.

Her entire family is obsessed with Sophia’s pregnancy, and nobody can stop discussing things like the baby shower, the name Sophia should pick for her baby, and the clothing they should get for the baby.

This young woman is sick of all of it already.

“I’m trying to be polite, but it’s especially upsetting because the father of my future nephew/niece is the guy I was (and might still be, idk anymore) really in love with,” she explained.

“‘Luke’ was actually someone I dated first, back in my final year of university. Luke is also from my home city, too, but we hadn’t met prior.”

“We dated a good few months before he decided that we worked better as friends. This hurt, but I pushed through it, and we got a good friendship out of it.”

They ended up graduating and both returning home. Luke basically lived at her house that summer, since he does not have a good relationship with his dad.

Well, while Luke was living at her house, he ended up getting together with Sophia. She first realized they were a thing when she watched Luke kiss Sophia at a party.

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