Nun Goes Viral For Her Incredibly Simple Skincare Routine

Mendham, New Jersey. Sister Monica Clare, who also goes by Claudette Powell, first joined TikTok last month, and since then she’s gone viral.

She left her career in Hollywood behind to be a nun, and her videos about her life are charming and humorous.

She mostly shares videos of the beautiful convent where she lives or videos of the rescued dog and 2 cats that the nuns have.

There’s also Henrietta, a wild turkey that likes to stand in Sister Monica’s parking space or scratch up the other nun’s cars.

Henrietta got trapped and taken to a nearby nature preserve but ended up coming back to the convent.

Sister Monica has done a few videos that touch on what she does all day as a nun or answers questions people have surrounding being a nun.

One of her most recent and most viral videos though focuses on her skincare routine.

Here’s what she does to look so youthful at 55-years-old.

TikTok; pictured above is a screenshot of Sister Monica Clare dishing on her skincare routine

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