Racism Prevented Him From Being Honored With A Purple Heart And Now At 99-Years-Old It Has Finally Been Awarded To Him

Fort Hamilton, New York. Osceola Fletcher, whom everyone calls Ozzie, is a 99-year-old veteran who served in World War II.

Over 76 years ago, Ozzie was seriously injured while fighting in the Battle of Normandy in France.

During this battle, Americans, Britains, Canadians, and French soldiers came together to attack German soldiers on the beaches of Normandy.

Over 400,000 soldiers from all countries lost their lives, were seriously injured, or wound up missing in the aftermath of the Battle of Normandy.

Ozzie was among those injured; he was on a truck that was driving supplies to the allies when it was struck by fire from the Germans.

Now, Ozzie should have been awarded a Purple Heart medal, which is an honor reserved for members of the military who are injured or killed while serving their country.

However, Ozzie never received a Purple Heart. He thankfully survived the injuries he sustained in battle, but when he returned home from the war, he decided to leave the Army.

From there, Ozzie worked a few exciting jobs. He worked in the New York City Police Department as a Sergeant.

Amanda Hay-Caroffino; pictured above Ozzie accepts his Purple Heart

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