She Flew To Germany 3 Summers Ago To See A Guy She Met Online And Nobody Has Heard From Her In Awhile: Where Is Nicole Denise Jackson?

Birmingham, Alabama. 23-year-old Nicole Denise Jackson lived in Birmingham, but three summers ago at the age of 21, she packed her bags and flew to a foreign country to be with a guy that she was seeing.

Nicole flew from Birmingham to Munich at some point during the summer months of 2018, and shortly after she landed overseas, her family stopped hearing from her.

“Please help my family, Nicole went missing in Germany, last known location was in Munich,” Nicole’s sister Ela Vaughn explained in a Facebook post.

“She was lured to Germany by a guy she met online and hasn’t been heard from. The only name I have for the Guy is Tamas.”

“If anybody has any information leading to his/her whereabouts or German connects that would be so wonderful.”

Ela also mentioned that she last talked to Nicole over the phone around Christmas of 2018, but their dad got a text back from her phone more recently than that.

Nicole’s dad had texted her not long into July of 2020 to say hello, and she didn’t reply back to him. He then sent her another text on July 28th to say Happy Birthday.

Over a week later, a text from Nicole’s phone was sent back to him saying thank you and hoping that he had a good birthday as well.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Nicole

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