She Was Asleep In A Tent When A Bear Dragged Her Out And Fatally Attacked Her

Ovando, Montana. 65-year-old Leah Davis Lokan was a retired nurse from Chico, California, who was an avid cycler.

Recently, Leah set out from Chico on a long-distance cycling trip with her sister and her friend.

Leah and her loved ones stopped in the town of Ovando to camp for the evening, and they all set up tents to sleep in.

At around 3 in the morning on this past Tuesday, a bear came wandering into town. At first, everyone who was camping was woken up by the bear.

The bear ended up running away after waking everyone up, and Leah and her loved ones decided to take the food out of their tents and secure it.

Facebook; pictured above is Leah

“The bear was captured by a video camera at a business less than a block away at about 3:15 a.m.,” Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks explained in a press release.

“At about 3:30 a.m. the two people in the tent adjacent to the victim were awakened by sounds of the attack. They exited the tent and sprayed the bear with bear spray. It has not been seen since.”

“The bear pulled the victim from the tent during the fatal attack.”

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