She Was Held Hostage By Her Husband, Then Shot During A Standoff And Her Death May Have Been Due To Police Fire

San Antonio, Texas. On Monday evening, 29-year-old Neida Tijerina was held hostage in her apartment by her husband, Angel Sanchez.

Also inside of the apartment that night were Angel’s children; 13-year-olds,11-years-old, 5-years-old, and 3-months-old.

Neida’s husband Angel was suicidal and had threatened to kill her. When officers with the San Antonio Police arrived on the scene at around 9 p.m., Angel came outside with a shotgun pointed at the officers. He “taunted” the officers while he stood there in body armor.

Hostage negotiators and a SWAT team were then called in.

Although authorities tried to reason with Angel, “attempts to negotiate and deescalate were unsuccessful” according to San Antonio Police Chief William McManus.

Authorities also attempted to get Neida out of the home, but she absolutely refused to leave her children in there with Angel.

After a standoff, Angel was shot by police, and he is currently in critical condition. Unfortunately, Neida was shot as well, and she passed away in the home.

None of Neida’s children were injured and they are currently safe.

GoFundMe; 29-year-old Neida Tijerina is pictured above

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