She’s Asking The Internet If She Was Wrong To Let Her Teen Daughter Wear An Expensive Dress To Her Sister’s House After It Got Ruined In A Fight

A woman asked the internet if she was wrong to let her teen daughter wear an expensive dress to her sister’s house after it got ruined in a fight.

There’s far more to this story though than I could pack into that first sentence, so let’s unpack this whole family drama.

This woman started out by saying she has a 15-year-old daughter named Georgia. Last weekend, she took her husband and Georgia with her to her sister’s house so they could have lunch together.

Although it was not a fancy occasion, Georgia insisted on wearing a very expensive designer dress for the get-together.

“Georgia is very bright,” this mom said. “She completed her exams early and is now studying more advanced material.”

“She’s a big fashionista, a lot more than I was at that age. She loves pretty clothes and outfits, and we’re happy to get her as much as we can, provided she behaves well and keeps up the good grades.”

Now, here comes the problem. Her sister is not exactly doing well financially. She’s a single mom with three children and she does not exactly have a job that pays her a lot.

Her sister has mentioned to her previously that she would appreciate it if Georgia would be able to “tone down her outfits” at her house because it makes her children feel bad.

Her sister just can’t afford to buy expensive things, and her own children end up getting upset over Georgia flaunting things like that in front of them.

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