Teen Charged With Murdering Tristyn Bailey Allegedly Said “How Is That My Problem?” When His Mom Told Him Tristyn Was Dead

St. Johns, Florida. 13-year-old cheerleader Tristyn Bailey was found murdered on Mother’s Day. According to the medical examiner, her cause of death was due to “sharp force trauma by stabbing.”

Tristyn was stabbed 114 times, and 14-year-old Aiden Fucci has been charged with first-degree murder after authorities named him as a suspect in the case.

Aiden’s own mom, Crystal Smith, has also been charged with tampering with evidence because she washed a bloody pair of his jeans that he allegedly wore as he took Tristyn’s life.

Although Aiden was initially charged with second-degree murder, the charges against him were upgraded in late May.

Additionally, Aiden had been charged as a juvenile, but now that has changed and he will be tried in court as an adult. If found guilty, Aiden could be sentenced to death.

One thing that many people have found super shocking about this case is a Snapchat Aiden allegedly sent around after he was arrested.

The selfie pictured him sitting in the back of a police car. He held up a peace sign and wrote, “Hey guys has anybody seen Tristyn lately?”

As more and more information is being made public in this heartbreaking case, it’s painting a darker and darker picture of Tristyn’s alleged killer.

Instagram; pictured above is Tristyn in her cheer uniform

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