The Net Worth Of Billy Idol

Los Angeles, California. Billy Idol was born in England on November 30th, 1955, as William Michael Albert Broad.

He and his family ended up moving to Long Island, New York when he was just 2-years-old, and when he turned 7, the family all moved back to England.

In 1981, Billy made a move back across the pond to live in New York, before changing coasts. He now lives in LA, and pretty much everyone the world over has heard his name or listened to his songs.

Billy is one of the greatest punk rockers to ever live, and he’s also one of the most successful ones as well.

Just how much is Billy worth? Read on to find out!

Musician Billy Idol poses for a portrait backstage one month after his debut solo album release of ‘Billy Idol’ in Boston, Massachusetts on August 01, 1982.

One of the smartest and earliest moves in his career that Billy made was partnering with MTV.

The music videos that Billy made for his hits “Dancing With Myself” and “White Wedding” skyrocketed to success on the newly-launched TV channel.

Things were just getting started for Billy because as he increasingly came out with more hits, he increasingly got people to watch him on MTV.

“Rebel Yell” was another one of his songs that was popular on MTV, along with “Mony Mony.”

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