This Pastor Used to Make Girls Wear One-Piece Swimsuits Only And Now He’s Going Viral For The Apology He Wrote

Spokane Valley, Washington. Bryce Brewer has spent the last 20 years of his life being a youth pastor, and during that time, he made it mandatory for girls attending his summer camps to only wear one-piece swimsuits.

Now, Bryce is going viral for the apology that he wrote after realizing the error of his ways.

“So I need to issue an apology (I am using some humor here too),” Bryce started out by saying.

“I have been a youth pastor on and off for over 20 years, and I have issued the ridiculous ultimatum to my female students at summer camp “ONE PIECE SWIMSUITS ONLY.” First of all I am sorry.”

Bryce then continued to say that he is sorry for not teaching boys to control their behavior. He apologized for insisting a girl’s purity correlated to her choice in a swimsuit.

“I am sorry to all the girls that frantically searched for an appropriate one piece so that some male youth pastor could deem them appropriate,” Bryce continued.

“Story here – I accompanied my fiancé and her daughter as we desperately looked for a cute one piece that would be appropriate for camp … it was hard and it sucked.”

Bryce apologized for treating the bodies of young women like they had to be covered up, while treating the boys like their bodies were fine to be out there in the open.

Finally, Bryce apologized for even letting the swimsuit conversation be something he weighed in on at all.

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