Toddler Passes Away After Undergoing A Normal Dental Procedure

Wichita, Kansas. When 3-year-old Abiel Abgel Zapata had to undergo a very normal dental procedure, his mom Nancy never expected she would be leaving the dentist’s office without her precious little boy.

Nancy had to bring Abiel in to the dentist to get treatment for some cavities and to also have some of his teeth pulled.

Both of these things are pretty run-of-the-mill when it comes to dental procedures, but something went terribly wrong in the process.

Facebook; pictured above is Abiel

“There’s just so many messages I can’t and probably won’t get to. I just want you guys all to know that I am thankful for your words,” Nancy wrote in a Facebook post, confirming that Abiel passed away on July 6th.

“He was needing a dental procedure done that required sedation with IV local anesthesia. From there a couple of minutes after his heart started beating irregularly, and they had to do CPR a lot of times.”

“Doctors did what they could medically wise and his heart just wouldn’t stay beating on its own. We are extremely heartbroken. Just wanted to let you all know.”

Facebook; pictured above is a post from Nancy

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