21-Year-Old College Girl Sadly Drowned After Suffering From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning And Here’s The Warning Her Parents Are Issuing

Strongsville, Ohio. 21-year-old Allison Sidloski grew up in Strongsville and was a junior attending college at the University of Cincinnati.

Her loved ones called her Ally, and she was very passionate about soccer. Ally was studying business but had planned on taking the LSAT so she could get a law degree afterward.

On May 22nd of this year, Ally was boating and swimming at East Fork Lake in East Fork State Park along with some of her friends.

Instagram; pictured above is Ally

That day, Ally sadly drowned in the lake, but her parents David and Tracie told Today that she could swim, so they didn’t understand how that had happened to her.

An autopsy later revealed that Ally had breathed in carbon monoxide, which contributed to her death.

“The Sidloski family attorney rented a boat similar to the one Ally was riding in for a demonstration,” Today reported.

“Friends who were with her on the vessel that day said she was sitting in the back, in an area known as the swimming deck.”

“There are places shaped like seats, cushions and even a cup holder for drinks. But those are not designated seats, according to the boat maker.”

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