26 Years Ago She Was Out Jogging Her Favorite Trail When She Was Attacked And Killed By A Teen Who Was Just Sentenced To Life

Redding, California. On June 24th, 1995, 37-year-old Christine Munro set out for a jog on the Sacramento River Trail, where she spent a lot of her free time.

Christine loved to be on the trail because it provided her with a sense of calm. Christine worked as a nurse, she was a married mom of 4 children, and her loved ones say she was classy and kind.

While Christine was on the trail that day in June, someone brutally attacked and murdered her. She later was discovered close to the river with a wound to her neck.

Redding Police Department; pictured above is Christine

At the time of her murder, whispers sadly went around town that perhaps her husband had something to do with what had happened to her, but that was the furthest thing from reality.

2 years after Christine’s death, someone did tell the Redding Police Department that they had been responsible for taking Christine’s life, but the evidence didn’t add up to this man being Christine’s murderer.

The years flew by, and Christine’s case grew cold. It stayed that way for more than two decades, but that all changed when Major Crimes Detective Rusty Bishop with the Redding Police Department started looking into things.

It was near the end of 2019 when Detective Bishop began investigating whether there was enough evidence in Christine’s case that could be DNA tested.

It turns out, the police department still had fingernail scrapings from Christine, and so Detective Bishop sent those to the Department of Justice to see if there was any DNA that could be found.

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