At Her Wedding Her Sister Intentionally Ruined Her Mother-In-Law’s Dress Because It Was White

A 26-year-old woman got married two years ago to her husband back in July. Although her wedding isn’t recent by any means, she recently found out about something that happened on her special day that was not an accident at all.

She started out by explaining that her husband works as a doctor and she works as a nurse. She always was aware of the fact that her mother-in-law disapproved of her, but despite that, her mother-in-law never went out of her way to be mean to her over it.

Right before her wedding day, she learned that she was pregnant, so she and her husband decided to go through with getting married before she was showing.

When her wedding arrived, her sister rushed over to tell her that her mother-in-law showed up…wearing a dress that was white.

She told her sister it was alright and she really did not care about her mother-in-law showing up in the same color as her.

“During the reception, my sister “accidentally” tripped and spilled her red wine on my MIL’s dress,” she explained.

“She apologized to both MIL and my husband. I thought it was really an accident but I found out yesterday that she did it on purpose to retaliate because she heard my MIL saying I wasn’t good enough for her son and that MIL wouldn’t have let me marry her son if it weren’t for my pregnancy.”

Now that she knows this was not an accident at all, she is very upset with her sister for doing what she did.

She then revealed to her husband what her sister had done, and he laughed it off before insisting he got her motive for doing it.

Margo Basarab –

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