Cheer Dad Nearly Drops His Daughter While She’s In The Air And The Internet Is Overwhelmed By His Quick Catch

Frisco, Texas. Roland Pollard is a Texas dad who has a passion for cheerleading and his adorable 4-year-old daughter named Jayden.

Roland first got involved in cheerleading back in high school. Little did he know, it would end up becoming an enormous part of his life!

Speaking to The Recreationalist, Roland explained how cheerleading started for him. “I was really big in high school because all I did was lift weights, and my history teacher pulled me out of class one day to ask if I thought I could hold a girl up,” he said.

“I wanted to learn how to do a backflip, so they taught me, and then I wanted to learn how to spin my backflip, and then eventually I wanted to spin it twice.”

“I love physical challenges, and that’s what cheer is. So I just ran with it!”

Roland now works as a producer for cheerleading competition music, and he decided to try to teach some neat tricks to 4-year-old Jayden.

Roland’s wife is also very athletic and has a background in gymnastics, so it’s no surprise Jayden seems to be taking after her parents.

Roland began taking videos of the neat routines he performed with Jayden, and he then uploaded some to social media.

Since then, this adorable dad and daughter duo has taken the internet by storm, amazing people all over TikTok and Instagram with the creative things they do.

One of the videos that Roland posted to TikTok has gone viral and garnered a lot of attention across the internet due to the fact that he was holding Jayden up in the air with one arm when she suddenly fell.

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