Everyone Accidentally Found Out About Her Pregnancy At The Funeral For Her Sister’s Baby And She’s Telling The Internet Her Family Thinks She’s Terrible

Trigger warning: please be aware that what you are about to read does discuss losing a baby.

A 32-year-old woman says she recently found out that she is 8 weeks into a pregnancy with her third child.

Around 2 weeks ago, her 34-year-old sister was around 30 weeks pregnant, but she went into labor and sadly lost her son.

Her sister is devastated and traumatized by what happened, especially since she had spent 4 years trying to get pregnant with her son.

Just days after her sister’s son passed away, she learned that she was pregnant. She knew she should not be sharing the news with her sister or really anyone in their family since everyone was still grieving, and besides, nobody knew that she was trying to get pregnant.

As she got closer to the day of the funeral, she started experiencing morning sickness. It never crossed her mind to skip the funeral since she really wanted to be there for her sister, and so she decided to go.

Everything was fine throughout the service, but when the wake started at her brother-in-law’s parents’ home, she rushed to go to the bathroom and vomited.

“My brother’s wife (SIL), who is one of my best friends, followed me up,” she explained.

“She straight-up said ‘You’re pregnant, aren’t you?’ I responded, ‘Yes, but don’t tell anyone. Today’s about making sis and BIL comfortable.’ My SIL congratulated me and said she understood.”

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