Her Husband Got A Tattoo Of Her Face On His Thigh Without Her Knowing And She’s Telling The Internet She Hates It

A 29-year-old woman who has been with her 29-year-old husband for 4 years (and married for 1 year) says that he did something kind of crazy while she was out of the country.

She’s visiting a friend of hers right now, and her husband messaged her a video of him with their cat.

In the video, he is kind of showing her something that’s on his thigh in a subtle way.

When she asked him what he was doing in the video, he told her he needed to video chat with her so he could show her what he was hinting at.

Well…it turns out that her husband got a tattoo of her face on his thigh, and she had absolutely no clue he was planning on doing this.

A week ago her husband had asked her to send her favorite photo of herself to him, so she did. She assumed that he was using it to plan something special for their anniversary or her birthday since both of those things were going to happening soon.

In reality, her husband had asked for that favorite photo of herself so he could use it to get that tattoo of her face on his thigh.

“I hated it and couldn’t hide it on my face,” she explained. “I kept asking if it was fake and if this was a prank.”

“But no, he insisted it was real, and it definitely looked real. The art itself wasn’t very good either.”

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