Her Husband’s Grandma Injured Her Son So She’s Telling The Internet She Lied To Her About The Severity Of His Injuries To Teach Her A Lesson

One woman revealed that she purposely lied to her husband’s grandma after she injured her son. She feels she is justified in lying because she did it in order to teach grandma a lesson.

She started out by saying that her husband’s grandma lives her whole life with the belief that you shouldn’t really worry about anything because things will work themselves out alright.

She never stopped to consider that grandma felt like this towards infants, or she never would have let grandma watch her son, who is 3-months-old.

She did let grandma watch her baby though less than 2 weeks ago, and while she was gone, grandma called her up to say her son had a small fall.

Over the phone, she could literally hear her son yelling, and she knew that something was really not right.

She instructed grandma to hang up and call 911, then give her a call as soon as she had an ambulance coming.

“I don’t think we need to bother with an ambulance, babies are tougher than they look you know, basically made of rubber,” grandma said to her.

This mom then said she knew her son was yelling in such a way that she thought he was injured, and grandma admitted that he had a bruise and a scratch on his head.

Grandma still refused to call 911, so she did, because head injuries and infants aren’t something to play around with.

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