Her Stepdaughter Intentionally Cut Her Daughter’s Wedding Dress To Shreds Just Weeks Before The Wedding And She Thinks Her Stepdaughter Needs To Pay For What She Did

A mom of 2 daughters (her 22-year-old biological daughter and 23-year-old stepdaughter) says that things have gone pretty south since they both got engaged.

She started out by explaining that her stepdaughter and bio-daughter both grew up with one another, and several years ago her husband (their dad) passed.

Her stepdaughter is a very competitive person, and she has perpetually been competing against her bio daughter for better grades or being the first one to buy a car or receive an engagement ring.

Her stepdaughter wants to be the first to do everything or get one over on her daughter, but her daughter really doesn’t mind or play into this at all, given that she’s very agreeable.

This mom frequently feels like she needs to confront her stepdaughter over making her bio-daughter seem like everything is a competition.

Her stepdaughter probably felt like she got one over on her bio-daughter when she got engaged 8 months ago, but then her daughter got engaged as well 2 months ago.

Recently, her daughter picked a date for her wedding, and her stepdaughter was upset by this because she had not picked a date or started planning for her own wedding at all.

Although her stepdaughter tried to find a place where she could have her wedding before her daughter, that didn’t work out.

So, her stepdaughter moved to plan b: trying to get her daughter to basically postpone her wedding, which she obviously can’t do because everything is already locked in.

Margo Basarab –

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