Her Stepdaughter Intentionally Cut Her Daughter’s Wedding Dress To Shreds Just Weeks Before The Wedding And She Thinks Her Stepdaughter Needs To Pay For What She Did

Her daughter is going to be having her wedding at the end of this month, and she picked out a wedding dress.

This mom generously spent $700 on her daughter’s wedding dress because she wanted to give that to her as a gift.

When her stepdaughter found out that her daughter got her wedding dress, she absolutely lost it.

“My stepdaughter got mad and had a meltdown and ghosted us for a week then came to visit while my daughter was staying with me acting calm and nice,” this mom said.

“She excused herself to the bathroom when we had dinner then came back and said her fiance was outside and she needed to leave. It was strange that she left in a hurry.”

“My daughter entered her room and found her wedding dress cut to pieces from below to the waist.”

“We were in dismay we figured it was my stepdaughter who did this since she couldn’t do anything about the face my daughter was getting married before her.”

Her daughter had a breakdown over her wedding dress, while she went to go confront her stepdaughter.

Her stepdaughter insisted that she did not ruin the dress, but this mom gave her a bill to pay for what she destroyed and said she needed to fork over money to buy a brand new dress.

This mom even threatened to take her stepdaughter to court if she didn’t pay up, and then her stepdaughter owned up to ruining the dress.

Her stepdaughter tried to blame her behavior on mental problems, before saying she can’t afford to pay $700 for a new dress.

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