It’s Been More Than 2 Weeks Now Since This 5-Year-Old Went Missing Close To His Home: Where Is Michael Joseph Vaughan?

Fruitland, Idaho. An hour outside of Boise sits the small, quiet town of Fruitland, which is home to 5-year-old Michael Joseph Vaughan.

On Tuesday, July 27th, Michael, whom his family affectionately calls “Monkey”, was outside of his house on SW 9th Street when he disappeared at around 6:30 that night.

Michael was last seen dressed in a light blue colored Minecraft t-shirt, green-striped black or dark blue boxer briefs, and flip-flops.

Michael is approximately 50 pounds and 43 inches tall. He has blonde hair and blue eyes.

It’s now been more than 2 weeks since Michael went missing, and although 250 tips have come in, there are no definitive leads into where the little boy went.

Fruitland Police; pictured above is Michael

“I have to tell you that I spent my entire childhood in the neighborhood where Michael went missing,” Fruitland Police Chief JD Huff said in a statement.

“My children are growing up here. My law enforcement partners are mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, or friends of children just like Michael. We are all in and we are committed to finding Michael.”

So far, the Fruitland Police has searched through more than 200 residential properties and homes, and 200 irrigation canals, drainage ditches, and garbage cans.

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