Married Women Who Met Missing Found Shot Dead And Now Their Friends Are Saying Some Creepy Guy Was Lurking Near Their Camping Area

Moab, Utah. Just four months ago, 24-year-old Kylen Schulte and 38-year-old Crystal Turner got married to one another.

The happy couple lived together in their van and liked to travel around to different camping spots in Moab.

“They found their way from the best campsite to the next but always showed up for work with the best ethic and greatest intent,” Kylen’s aunt Bridget Calvert wrote on a GoFundMe page.

Facebook; pictured above is Crystal on the left and Kylen on the right

Most recently, Kylen and Crystal were camping at a site in South Mesa located on La Sal Loop Road when they told their friends something chilling. Apparently, they had noticed a creepy guy lurking near where the couple had set up camp.

“Friday evening, they were with friends and told them there was a creepy guy at their campsite, just ‘this guy creeped us out, might have to move,'”  Bridget told KUTV.

“Saturday, they told their friends ‘there’s been this creepy guy at our site, we’re definitely moving campsites today.”

Facebook; Crystal and Kylen hug in the photo above

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