Missing Woman Tortured In A Mobile Home Before Her Body Was Weighed Down And Thrown In A Pond

Facebook; pictured above are more photos of Tara

“Authorities have identified three suspects in the disappearance and murder of Strozier – Alex Nathaniel Davis (30), Austin Johnson (23) and Kaelin Hutchinson (24).”

“On July 29, 2021, Davis admitted to killing Strozier while Johnson was present. After she was killed by the pond, they weighed her body down and threw her into the pond. Strozier’s body was found yesterday evening.”

Alex, Austin, and Kaelin were arrested the same day that Tara’s body was recovered. They are currently behind bars at the LeFlore County Detention Center.

Alex has been charged with kidnapping and first-degree murder, while Austin has been charged with first-degree murder.

Kaelin has been so far charged with obstruction of an officer.

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