PhoneSoap Review: This Gadget Might Look Like A Tanning Bed For Your Phone, But It’s Way Cooler Than That

If you missed out on my chat about why you really need to clean your phone, I’ll fill you in quickly here. Your phone is absolutely filthy.

Germs reports that your phone is, disgustingly enough, TEN times filthier than a toilet seat. And you’re touching it just about 3,000 times every day…

If that isn’t enough to make you worried, E. Coli and even MRSA can live on your phone. People this is not a drill. What’s a girl to do?

PhoneSoap sent me this amazing little gadget that looks like a mini tanning bed for your phone, and like a tanning bed, it comes with a UV light.

Specifically, a UV-C light, because interestingly enough this kills germs without any chemicals, liquids, or heat that could be damaging to your phone.

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The UV-C light kills up to 99.99% of any pesky bacteria riding along on your phone. PhoneSoap even kills flu and cold viruses, and that’s definitely something you need to worry about this time of year.

So, how does it work? You put your phone right in the PhoneSoap, and after 10 minutes it’s done disinfecting.

PhoneSoap simply shuts off when it’s done, and it even has a little lightning bolt icon that glows when it’s in use.

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