You Need To Be Cleaning Your Smartphone & Here Are The Disturbing Details As To Why

I’m sure cleaning your smartphone isn’t something you consider often, or probably even stop to think about, but we need to have a talk about this.

On average, you touch your phone about 2,617 times every single day, according to Dscout.

“Per year, that’s nearly one million touches on average — and two million for the less restrained among us,” Dscout reported.

Alright, alright big deal. We touch our phones constantly. Yeah, and we should probably constantly clean anything we touch this much. Actually, I’m not sure we touch anything as much as we touch our phones.

Anyway, the Dscout data isn’t the disturbing data I’m getting to here about why we need to be diligent about cleaning our phones, but this is it below.

Germs reports that your phone is, disgustingly enough, TEN times filthier than a toilet seat. And you’re touching it just about 3,000 times every day…

Yeah, let that one sink in and keep reading, because it gets dirtier.

E. Coli and even freaking MRSA can live on your phone.

I mean, I have a chronic fear of public restrooms because of germs, and I can’t believe I’m basically toting around the germs that breed on my phone. I’m going to be sick, hold please.


If that’s not enough to make your skin crawl and obsessively clean your phone I don’t know what is, but here’s exactly how you can clean your phone so you can leave the above in your nightmares.

Antibacterial wipes are the answer you’re looking for, and they’re readily available at basically any grocery store, bodega, or online if you like to shop that way.

You can use your newfound antibacterial wipes to give your phone the once over every night, and then just pat it dry with a paper towel. Squeaky clean and germ free!


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