She Says She’s In Love With The Widowed Man Living Next Door But She’s Confiding In The Internet That She’s Not So Sure About His Young Kids

She revealed all of this to him before their relationship progressed to beyond the friend zone.

“Now while he says that he does have feelings for me, he does not see a future for us where his girls fit in with the life I want,” she explained.

“The truth is, neither do I… His girls are wonderful, but every kid is. The ones that you do not need to take care of is the cutest thing on the planet. But when they are your responsibility it’s another case. They are just so young and I am not sure I am ready to be a mother of little kids at 45…”

On the other hand, if he did not have any kids, she would be trying a lot more to move their relationship to the next level, but as of now, she’s uneasy and unsure about everything.

Sometimes she can actually see him and his kids as a big happy family along with her, and sometimes she just can’t.

She thinks that now her neighbor is beginning to withdraw from her, and they are not spending as much time together as they used to.

He previously would invite to nearly everything he was doing, including activities with his kids, but now he’s not.

She sees him putting the kids in the car and taking off with a simple wave, instead of asking her to come too.

Something else that’s now concerning her is the fact that the sister of his widow is starting to spend a lot of time at his house.

She sees this woman going on every outing with him and his kids that she was asked to come on previously.

She even went so far as to tease her neighbor about his sister-in-law being more than friends, but he downplayed the situation.

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