She’s The Maid Of Honor And She Left The Bachelorette Party After Feeling Used By The Other Girls

One woman is set to be the maid of honor at her best friend Melissa’s upcoming wedding. Recently, she went on the bachelorette trip, which was in Atlantic City.

It took her 4 long hours to drive to Atlantic City, and when she arrived, she was shocked that Melissa did not get up to greet her, let alone introduce her to the other women who were on the trip with them.

“No one made any effort to get to know me at dinner,” she explained. “When the bill came, the girls said we’d split it evenly, which was unfair to me because I don’t drink alcohol and they all ordered multiple drinks.”

11 other women were on the trip with them, and she was literally the only person who did not drink.

She only ordered food, which cost $13, but she paid $65 to split things among everyone despite the fact that she didn’t have any drinks as she was trying to not cause problems.

After dinner, they all headed to a club, where they stayed until 2 in the morning. By the time she left, her ears were ringing from how loud it had been and she could not get to sleep that evening.

Although she got no sleep at all, she was up early the next morning, which was a Saturday, since they had an escape room planned for the afternoon.

She kindly made breakfast for all the women in the house, but nobody got up on time so they ended up missing the escape room.

Instead, all the women headed out for brunch, but the drive there was a disaster. Everyone insisted she should be the DD, and she could only fit 5 women in the car so the rest of the women got an Uber to the brunch spot.

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