Someone Threw Acid On Her Service Dog And Now He’s Blind

Baytown, Texas. Mandy Garner lives in Baytown, Texas, along with her 2-year-old service dog; a black Shih Tzu named Gizmo.

It was Saturday, March 20th, when Mandy let Gizmo outside to go to the bathroom, just like she does every day.

She went back into her house while Gizmo was out, put some things away to give him a chance to do his business, and then walked back outside to let him in.

Gizmo was in his kennel, shaking, and he had burns all over his body.

Facebook; pictured above is Gizmo

Mandy rushed Gizmo to a local emergency animal hospital and had him treated. He had x-rays done, and bloodwork.

The vet determined that Gizmo did not have any fractures or broken bones, but what had happened to this little dog?

The next day, Mandy was outside of her house on the way to pick up medications for Gizmo when she happened to see two of the girls who live in her neighborhood.

She asked them if they had seen what had happened to Gizmo, and one of the girls walked off laughing after Mandy showed her the gruesome pictures of Gizmo.

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