Her Dad Wants To Take Kidnapping Style Photos Of Her Teen Daughter And The Internet Is Saying Cut All Contact

A 30-year-old woman who has a troubling history with her family is asking the internet for help after her own dad did something downright disturbing.

She began by explaining that her family was abusive to her from the time she was a baby all the way through her mid-20s.

Things were so bad that at that point in time, she cut off all contact with her family, which includes her mom, her dad, and her brother.

She currently goes to therapy to try to address the PTSD and aftermath of the extreme trauma they caused to her.

“The past year I got back in touch with my parents and brother who lives with them,” she wrote.

“Having my brother back has been amazing, we were best friends growing up. I have extensive mental problems, caused by their awful upbringing of me, and so now that they are back in my life I have allowed them to help in small ways.”

For example, her family will help get her 9-year-old daughter to her dance class. They will also help take her 13-year-old daughter to drama club.

Since she does not currently have a car, these small things help her immensely.

“Anyway, over the weekend they were visiting, my eldest daughter and my mother were in my driveway, and my daughter climbed into the boot(trunk) of the car, my mum thought it was hilarious so took a photo,” she continued.

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