Her Husband’s Mistress Sent Her Some Hilarious Cookies To Celebrate Leaving Him

Elizabeth Lindsay married her husband pretty recently, but 6 months later she ended up leaving him after learning he was cheating on her with not one, but several women.

As soon as their wedding had wrapped up, her husband was off to see one of the women he was cheating on her with, and he brought her some of the gold-leaf lollipops they had used as wedding favors.

He also created a bunch of fake IDs with different names on them to trick the women he was seeing about who he really was.

Elizabeth also mentioned in one of her TikTok videos that her now-ex would sit there talking to other women on dating apps while she was cooking him dinner.

He insisted she was just paranoid and depressed when she would ask him about his shady behavior.

Elizabeth somehow ended up connecting with one of the women her husband was cheating on her with while they were still married.

He had not told his mistress, Steph, his real name, and he obviously forgot to add the important detail that he was married.

Well, Elizabeth and Steph turned out to be friends after they learned what was really going on, and what Steph recently did for Elizabeth is pretty brilliant.

TikTok; pictured above is Elizabeth with her husband’s mistress Steph, who is now her friend

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