His Brother Ruined His Wedding By Calling The Cops On His Bride So Now He’s Refusing To Go To His Brother’s Upcoming Wedding

A 31-year-old man says that when his mom passed away, the ring that she wore was given to him since he is the oldest out of his brothers.

At the time, none of his brothers cared about their mom’s ring going to him, and so he ended up using the ring to propose to his girlfriend at the time.

His now wife absolutely adored the fact that he proposed to her with his mom’s ring, and he felt that it was the perfect way to honor the memory of his mom.

Just days before he was about to tie the knot with his wife, his 28-year-old brother Carl asked him for their mom’s ring, explaining that he planned to propose with it.

This man mentioned that he had already used their mom’s ring to propose to his girlfriend, and Carl pitched a fit because he had been dating his girlfriend for longer and felt he deserved their mom’s ring.

Carl then argued that their mom thought of his girlfriend like her own daughter, so he should have the ring in the end.

“I told him yes mom thought of her as a daughter but never stated the ring goes to her plus I didn’t think he was going to propose to girlfriend at all seeing their relationship was on and off for the past few months,” he said.

Anna –

“We argued about it and he kept insisting and harassing me until I disinvited him from my wedding.”

Although Carl was not invited to the wedding, he showed up anyway.

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