His Mom Last Spoke To Him While He Was On His Way To Class Before He Vanished Under Suspicious Circumstances: Where Is Jelani Day?

Bloomington Illinois. 25-year-old Jelani Day currently is a graduate student at Illinois State University, where he studies speech pathology.

After Jelani completes his master’s degree, he dreams of going on to be a doctor.

“He is intelligent. He is caring. He is kind. He loves his family immensely,” Jelani’s cousin Cocoa Severado Bullock said in a Facebook post about him.

“He sends out messages just to tell you that he loves you. He is one-of-one (he stands out). He is one of four other siblings. He is the fourth in line. He is the baby boy. He is loved.”

On August 23rd, a Monday, Jelani’s mom spoke with him on the phone as he made his way to class that day.

When Jelani’s mom couldn’t get a hold of him after that and her calls started going straight to voicemail, she became extremely concerned.

Jelani calls his mom multiple times a day to talk with her, and he would never ignore her calls like that.

Over the next few days, Jelani never showed up for class, which further confirmed for his loved ones and friends that something had to be terribly wrong.

Facebook; pictured above is Jelani

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