She Didn’t Stop To Help After The Man Tailgating Her Got Into An Accident In The Desert And She’s Asking The Internet If She Was Wrong

“I said no, I was not getting near someone with that temper, no way.”

She just kept driving, but her boyfriend brought up the fact that maybe nobody else would stop to help them, and it looked like this road rager had his family in his truck with him.

“I said I had been more worried about myself, after being raged at like that. And anyway we couldn’t turn back now, there was no turnaround for a while.”

“Hopefully, they had water in the truck but if not there was nothing I could do now.”

There was not any cell service in the area, and she didn’t get that back for several days. She pointed out that there really wasn’t a way that she could have even called 911 for help.

Although she could have changed her course to try to find cell service faster, she was nervous to get to her campsite after dark.

Her boyfriend thinks she was unkind for not stopping to help, meanwhile, she thinks she was being smart and staying safe.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Your boyfriend fails to understand how much more dangerous it is for a 19-year-old girl to pull over for a stranger than it is for a (presumably) able-bodied adult man.”


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