She Donated A Part Of Her Liver To Her 8-Month-Old Son To Help Cure The Disease He Was Born With

“Despite multiple hospital stays and spending almost half his first 8-months of life in the hospital, Grant is a strong, happy little scrapper who is kicking a** every day.”

“Grant’s smile lights up a room, and he’s always smiling. But Grant’s liver is cirrhotic, resulting in severe fluid buildup in his abdomen, known as Ascites as well as other life-threatening complications. The hard truth is that Grant needs a liver transplant as soon as possible.”

Grant’s mom Robyn volunteered to donate a piece of her liver to him so that Grant can be forever free of the disease that he has struggled with for his entire life.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Grant with his mom Robyn

This past weekend, Robyn and Grant underwent their surgeries and so far, things are going well for both of them, but the family still has challenges ahead.

“During Grant’s recovery, our house has to be free of any harmful bacteria, which means re-homing our dogs for three months,” Dylan continued.

“It also means Grant will be on immunosuppressants for the rest of his life, which brings with it a host of special considerations. Getting Grant the care he deserves requires extra love and attention. We want to provide him the best care possible, but we know it won’t be cheap.”

Dylan created a GoFundMe page to help cover Grant’s medical care and additional expenses, which you can donate to here if you would like to.

GoFundMe; pictured above is another photo of Grant

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