She Humiliated Her Fiancé’s Female Coworker And Now He’s Telling The Internet He’s Putting The Wedding On Hold For Now

About a week after this was decided upon, he showed up at work to find that Tally was completely ignoring him.

Not only that, but the rest of their coworkers were kind of shunning her and behaving bizarrely to him too.

He tried asking Tally what was going on, but after she continued to ignore him, he tried to get their coworkers to open up, but nobody would.

As a last-ditch effort, he reached out to Tally’s boyfriend to try to find out more. Tally’s boyfriend told him that on his day off which was a few days before all this, Amy showed up at his work to personally pass out their wedding invites.

Amy did not give an invite to Tally, and in front of everyone at work said to her, “you aren’t invited, women like you aren’t welcome.”

All of his workers were left thinking that Tally is basically his mistress, so they began treating her badly after that, and Tally is currently trying to find a different job.

After he found out the truth from Tally’s boyfriend all he could do was apologize like crazy because he had no idea Amy even did that.

He did confront Amy, and she told him she did not do that before owning up to it and trying to say that it’s not a problem as Tally is looking for a new job.

He freaked out on her, but Amy still refused to see the issue with what she did. He snapped at her to grow up and stop being insecure, before leaving to go stay with a friend.

Since then, Amy, her mom, and all her friends have been bombarding him with texts and calling him a jerk.

He has put the wedding to Amy on hold for the moment while he tries to work through what to do.

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