She Was Actively Involved In Finding Missing People And Then Two Years Ago She Disappeared While Out Walking Home One Night

Louisville, Kentucky. 37-year-old Andrea Michelle Knabel lived in Louisville along with her children, and in her free time, she was actively involved in finding missing people.

Andrea was part of the Facebook group called Missing In America, which she joined to help locate missing people after her own friend vanished.

Shockingly, on August 13th, 2019, Andrea went missing while out walking home one night, and she has not been seen since then.

Facebook; pictured above is Andrea Michelle Knabel

On the night of August 12th, Andrea went to the nearby hospital to get an infection on her face looked at, and her sister’s fiancé drove her there.

At 11:22 that evening, Andrea used Lyft to go to her mom’s house from the hospital. She lived in her mom’s house located on Chickadee Road when she went missing.

At midnight, Andrea walked from her mom’s house to her sister’s home located on Fincastle Road. Andrea’s mom’s house was approximately a mile from her sister’s. Not long after Andrea arrived at her sister’s house, she left at 1:38 in the morning and started walking to her mom’s house.

Facebook; pictured above Andrea smiles

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